About Winnie Blue

Jayma Sanderson, Winnie, Brittany Genelin, Blue

Hello from Winnie and Blue!

We are so happy to meet you! Jayma (left, blonde) and Winnie (a Newfiepoo) met Brittany (right, brunette) and Blue (Manchester Terrior) working at a startup in Chicago. We bonded over our love for clothes, our sorority past, and a real passion for business. We talked a ton about starting something together and a boutique just made sense.

We launched Winnie Blue Apparel on October 18 after only about a month of planning and working (our butts off!) to get a small inventory and an awesome selection for all of the women we think would love Winnie Blue. 

We want to be here for you - if you have feedback, ideas, or requests, contact us directly at jayma@winnieblue.com and brittany@winnieblue.com. We can’t wait to hear from you.